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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Government Statistics for our School

Parents are invited to click here to view the official description and statistics for our School on the Government's website, and where answers to the following questions can be found:

  • What have been our successes this year?
  • What are we trying to improve?
  • How much progress do pupils make between age 7 and 11?
  • How well do pupils achieve at age 11?
  • How have our results changed over time?
  • How are we making sure that every child gets teaching to meet their individual needs?
  • How are we working with parents and the community?
  • What have pupils told us about the school, and what have we done as a result?
  • How do we make sure our pupils are healthy, safe and well-supported?
  • How do our absence rates compare with other schools?
  • What activities and options are available to pupils?
  • What do our pupils do after leaving this school?
  • Ofsted's view of our school
  • What have we done in response to Ofsted?